How to better the odds by a sustainable modern IT-infrastructure

Businesses have always needed a powerful infrastructure that is capable of providing high connectivity, availability and performance, supported by a secure and sustainable foundation. In a digitalized, on-demand and data driven world, an optimized and modern infrastructure is more crucial than ever.
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Securing Scientific Cyberinfrastructure: The ResearchSOC

Indiana University

An on-demand video of the National Science Foundation Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (Trusted CI) webinar “Securing Scientific Cyber Infrastructure: The ResearchSOC” is now available on the Trusted CI website. The video can be viewed here and the presentation downloaded using this link. The research and education (R&E) community faces particular challenges regarding cybersecurity: diversity of size and autonomy, the use of diverse infrastructure (scientific instruments, sensor networks, sequencers, etc.), the highly collaborative and dynamic nature of scientific communities, and the specialized expertise needed to support cybersecurity in the research context.
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Discover the reality behind the AI myth


Artificial intelligence is the latest revolution in data insights everyone is talking about as organisations are increasingly looking to generate business value from their data. Only 4%* of organisations have successfully deployed AI, while most of the businesses are in the early phases of AI adoption facing unexpected challenges including access to data, scalability restrictions, a legacy IT infrastructure and a lack of specialist skills.
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Optimize your IT with an open hyperconverged infrastructure

Red Hat

Optimize your IT with an open hyperconverged infrastructure. In the public sector and industries like energy, retail, banking, and telecommunications, organizations increasingly rely on business-critical applications that must be deployed with limited space, budgetary constraints, and scarcity of skilled IT staff. They must extend the reach of these applications from datacenter core to edge of the network with reduced complexity on the infrastructure that best meets their IT requirements.
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Enabling Growth and Service Excellence for Colocation Providers by Out-tasking Data Center Operations

According to 451 Research, colocation providers will continue to grow going forward forecasting the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for global MTDC revenue at 9.3% from 2017 to 2022. Successful colocation companies are in a constant state of expansion, challenged with designing and building new facilities at rapid speed in order not to miss a market opportunity. But getting new facilities up and running is just the tip of the iceberg. A worldwide shortage of experienced data center professionals makes quickly recruiting, training, and retaining qualified data center staff a completely other challenge.
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