5G: Managing component-level risks to commercial success

Over the next few years, standardization work will pave the way for huge enhancements in throughput, latency and availability that promise to open up the benefits of 5G to many new industries and applications. For organizations to reap these benefits, the 5G ecosystem must manage component-level risks around scaling mmWave deployment, thermal management, optimizing device footprint through component count reduction, and extending battery life. This webinar will discuss the future evolution of 5G, the growth opportunities and challenges around 5G-enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT and mission-critical communications (MCS) and how component-level risks can be managed to achieve commercial success.
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Data Protection: The MSP Opportunity in a Data-centric World

Data – it’s what makes the world go round today. From website analytics to IoT devices, the number of data points businesses absorb through their customers is incredible. IDC (News - Alert) has predicted that by 2025, the world will be generating almost half a Zettabyte of data each day by 2025. To put that into terms most people understand, one Zettabyte is equal to a billion Terabytes. Assuming laptops about a foot in width with a 1 TB drive, lining up a billion laptops side by side would cover 189,000 miles – almost 80% of the distance to the moon!
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SAP on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Webinar

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Watch this webinar recap of how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides robust, scalable, and reliable infrastructure for SAP applications running in demanding environments around the world to give customers the best possible experience and performance.
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New Year, New Options for Desktop Virtualization


Lewan Technology and our partners AppSense, Citrix, and Unidesk bring unique value to desktop virtualization projects. How do they integrate to ensure your are scaling the difficult mountains of VDI? Find out how to make desktop and application virtualization simple, fast, flexible and secure: Deliver any Windows app without the limitations, difficulties or isolation issues of application virtualization.
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The Role of Cloud Data Storage in Second Generation Multi-Cloud Strategy

This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in cloud computing and data storage, featuring GigaOm analyst Enrico Signoretti and special guests from Wasabi: David Friend, Co-Founder and CEO; David Boland, Director of Product Marketing. The discussion will focus on how to evaluate the data foundation layer to build a successful, second generation.
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