5G Laying Groundwork for a Completely Digitalized and Connected Future

5G, with its gigabytes data throughput and ultralow latency, can access numerous high-value sectors such as 3D robotic control, virtual reality monitoring, and remote medical control that earlier technologies could not. Over the last two years, we have seen an increasing number of consumer network rollouts and field testing. Furthermore, we are seeing some of the most prominent industry companies begin to implement 5G in their businesses. This is only the beginning of how 5G will eventually alter and accelerate breakthroughs in industries like automotive, entertainment, computing, manufacturing, and ultimately the way we work and live.
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According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, phishing attacks are at the start of over 90% of data breaches and financial losses. Today's phishing attacks employ short-lived sites, most lasting just 4-8 hours. And attack vectors are expanding beyond email to social media, IM, ads, pop-ups, rogue browser extensions, and more. New attack methods exploit the human attack surface within targeted organizations and evade existing security defenses by design.
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Big data test infrastructure webinar

The Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) supports public administrations with the necessary technical documentation, tools and services to test and prototype analytics and Big Data solutions.
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How is Consumption-based IT Different than Cloud Services and Leasing?


Modern businesses are storing a greater volume and variety of data, and they are looking to get more out of that data – accessing it more frequently and analyzing it in greater depth to facilitate better decision making. Against this backdrop, enterprises desire to consume IT as a utility; they want IT to “just work,” being always available and accessible, and to keep costs in check, they want to pay only for what they use as they use it.
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Time to Roll In New Storage Hardware? Think Again

You’re generating more data than ever, but who has the budget to roll in new hardware to store all of it? With Cloud Tiering, there’s an easy way to instantly increase capacity and avoid costly CAPEX spending for new machines.
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