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Why the cloud is key to mitigating the menace of phishing

July 26, 2018 / Lior Samuelson

After the rise of ransomware over the last few years (largely combatted through better detection of the malware and more attention paid to having decent backups), phishing has stormed back onto the IT security manager’s radar. According to our latest survey on IT security in the UK and Ireland, phishing is now the second most pressing cybersecurity issue after data breaches. The survey of 104 IT and security managers found that the majority of organisations report that their security was increasingly failing to block phishing emails over the past year. With the intensity of phishing attacks increasing, simply waiting for malware to hit the endpoint is not enough. Many organisations have appliances in place within their infrastructure to check data coming into the network to see if it contains malware or phishing attacks. These appliances have to match suspicious content against signatures or carry out heuristic analysis. They also have to be constantly updated as threats change.