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Why K–12 Districts Should Use HCI to Improve Their Data Centers

January 31, 2019 / Eli Zimmerman

K–12 schools need powerful data centers now more than ever as their infrastructures feel the increasing weight of new technology integrations, data analytics initiatives and the rising number of personalized devices. Hyperconverged infrastructure may be the answer. Across industries, hyperconvergence has seen a marked increase as IT managers look for ways to juggle network speed and security with low infrastructure costs.  Hyperconvergence has already hit higher education, and is starting to come down the pipeline to K–12 schools as district leaders recognize the financial and physical benefits data center modernization can bring. Large technology companies are beginning to see the benefits as well. Windows servers are now optimized for hyperconverged data centers. Such movement around hyperconvergence makes now an opportune time for schools to make the switch.