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Why efficient multi-cloud management and DevOps requires transparency

January 03, 2019 / Brad Parks

As multi-clouds become the norm, finding and addressing wasteful cloud resources jump to the top of the list of IT concerns. Keeping cloud management simple, timely, and accurate requires a view into your application usage that is clear and comprehensive. Hybrid clouds give organisations the ability to get the best of both worlds: on-premises for traditional apps and resources they want to keep close at hand, and in the public cloud to realise the speed, agility, and efficiency of cloud-native applications. The challenge is to maintain the optimal balance between public and private clouds to achieve your business objectives. Doing so requires a 360-degree view of the full application lifecycle. Companies need to evaluate multi-cloud management platforms and orchestration tools which can take the mystery out of hybrid IT by giving an up-to-date view of resource utilisation without slowing down DevOps activities. According to a recent survey of CIOs and IT managers, 37 percent of respond...