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What is zero vulnerability infrastructure – and is it achievable?

September 17, 2019 / Tarryn Giebelmann for Khipu Networks

The global cost of cyber crime exceeded $600 billion in 2018 – up from $445 billion in 2014. And, in almost every business breach, companies reported loss or damage to internal, customer, or employee information. More than half of breaches resulted in damages of at least $500 000. Gareth Trollip, Country Manager for South Africa at KHIPU Networks, says the holy grail for those responsible for securing company networks is to achieve zero vulnerability infrastructure: a network that is completely secure against both outside and insider threats. But is this really possible? With eight new threats emerging every second, businesses are under siege – and seemingly fighting a losing battle. Even enterprises like British Airways, FIFA, Toyota and Facebook have suffered major breaches – proof that all businesses, no matter their size, struggle to deal with the changing threat environment.