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Verizon 5G Home’s Relationship Status With Cable? It’s Complicated

January 09, 2019 / James Bourne

Verizon it absolutely targeting cable companies with its 5G Home internet service. But it also wants to be the cable guys’ “best long-term partner,” said Ronan Dunne, EVP of Verizon and president of Verizon Wireless. Dunne, speaking at the Citi 2019 Global TMT West Conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, said Verizon can have it both ways. “We are committed to being the best long-term partner for the MSOs [multiple system operators],” he said, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript. “It’s a very important relationship to us. We’re also committed to lose less than our fair share of our branded business to the MSOs.” This may sound duplicitous, but it’s true. While Verizon competes against cable with its residential 5G service, cable operators Comcast and Charter Communications both have mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) deals with Verizon under which they lease Verizon’s network. So while Verizon wants to steal some of ...