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Veriflow’s CloudPredict Provides Granular Insight Into Public Clouds

March 01, 2019 / SDxCentral

Veriflow this week introduced CloudPredict, a platform that provides organizations with clearer insights into their public clouds. The company supported the release with research suggesting that public cloud visibility indeed is lacking. CloudPredict provides what the company calls “a consistent, established feedback loop” that equalizes insight into public clouds as well as private clouds and on-premise infrastructure. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform has four basic capabilities: Visualizing and searching paths and objects in public and multi-cloud environments Verifying and segmenting cloud applications enabling prediction of vulnerabilities Tracking changes and assuring compliance on-premise and in single and multi-cloud environments Ensuring what Veriflow calls “end-to-end reachability” across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.