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Top Global IT Infrastructure Management Trends Impacting Enterprises in 2019

June 06, 2019 / CIOL Bureau

In the current superfast, round-the-clock, digitally connected world, business users want their issues addressed immediately and get infuriated when a blame game is played between, network, application and infrastructure teams rather than attempting to seek a solution. This has led to the IT infrastructure management landscape transforming dramatically over the last few years. Today, infrastructure management involves taking charge of the whole environment, holistically. Be it a technical glitch with the application or an unexpected setback with the infrastructure or a network-related issue, irrespective of the source of the issue, all that business users want is a solution to their problem and a reliable environment that is running smoothly. In such a scenario, let’s have a look at the top global IT infrastructure management trends that are impacting enterprises in 2019 and how teams can adapt to these changes.