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Telus: SDN Gives Us a Dynamic, Automatically Controlled Network

December 13, 2018 / Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

NFV is a key enabler of 5G, according to Telus’ Bryce Mitchell, director of NFV, cloud, and innovation labs at the Canadian telecommunication company. In terms of 5G, NFV allows service providers to virtualize all the appliances in the network, and it enables network slicing. And both of these illustrate the increased flexibility and new services that NFV allows — which is why Telus started working on virtualizing its network in the first place back in 2015. “We were looking to create a more flexible framework that we can deliver services on, to innovate on — really that’s one of our primary motivations,” Mitchell said, adding that a more flexible environment will allow it to be more agile and deploy new services easier and faster. “That is part and parcel with the 5G stuff that is motivating us.” The second reason is cost savings on the capex and opex side of things. “NFV is really about driving down costs, be that costs of hardwar...