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Telefónica Validates Wind River’s Cloud Platform for its Unica Project

January 14, 2019 / Dan Meyer

Telecom giant Telefónica validated Wind River’s Titanium Cloud platform as a virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM) for NFV workloads within the operator’s Unica virtualization project. That validation included the ability to work within a multi-VIM environment. The testing included work on the functional components of the Wind River virtualization platform. It also included interoperability testing of the Titanium Cloud with Open Source MANO (OSM) orchestration. OSM is the open source group hosted by ETSI that’s working on management and network orchestration. The validation testing was conducted at Telefónica’s NFV Reference Lab in Madrid, Spain. The operator requires all vendors that want to provide virtual network functions (VNFs) to its Unica project to prove their products in the lab. Telefónica is continuing to use the Wind River platform to run use case trials, including tests of hosting virtual radio access network (vRAN) use case...