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Sunday share tips: WANdisco, Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income Fund

June 24, 2019 / Josh White

In his ‘Inside the City’ column for the Sunday Times, Ben Woods was looking at the earnings revolution that is cloud computing, and pointing to Microsoft’s successful pivot under Satya Nadella. Woods noted that the “Nadellaissance” began when the chief executive began the company’s shift towards the cloud in 2014, leading to Microsoft becoming the most valuable company in the US this month, at $1trn. Closer to home, AIM-traded software developer WANdisco was also making its own moves in the cloud space, with Woods explaining that the firm helps companies move what it calls “live data” to the big cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, without the need to sever access to their servers. Previously, investors and analysts were hopeful of WANdisco’s focus on “live data”, but the company had since fallen short of those expectations.