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SiTune Launches the First 5G Infrastructure Transceiver Solutions in the World

February 02, 2021 / pruthvi pawar

SiTune, a trend-setter of numerous ages of cutting edge RF and Mixed-signal System on a Chip, today reported two new items for 5G O-RAN framework equipment arrangements including Radio Units (RU) and Distributed Radio Units (dRU) for large scale and miniature organizations.

These savvy items, IceWings and SnowWings, are the world's first multi-standard super wide-band RF handset arrangements explicitly intended to encourage the virtualization of cell environment and disaggregation of equipment and programming in 5G organizations. IceWings and SnowWings quad-channel arrangements depend on Analog RF and Digital RF innovation, for a wide scope of uses openly and private organizations.

These items are gotten from a remarkable, licensed fast and super wide-band RF/Mixed mode innovation utilized in different ages of SiTune's items presently in arrangements.