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Simplifying IT with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

September 06, 2019 / PCQ Bureau

The growing digital eco-system is connecting everyone together. Already, more than a quarter of India’s population is connected to the Internet and that too mostly through their mobiles. They don’t just connect to seek information. They do it to conduct financial transactions, collaborate with others, consume entertainment content, run productivity applications and much more. In fact, it’s not just people, but everything is getting inter-connected nowadays, thanks to IoT. Sensors are being embedded into just about every device, be it a smartwatch or smartphone or even cars, sports equipment, UPS or inverter. Inter-connectivity has moved from H2H (human to human) to H2M (Human to machine) and even M2M (machine to machine). This has resulted in a considerable jump in the number of transactions taking place. This, in turn, has increased network traffic, thereby making its manageability and security more complex as it traverses through different ‘clouds’. The ...