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Selectel Offers Companies Launching Their Business in Russia a Full-stack IT Infrastructure in Compliance With Russian Laws and Regulations

July 09, 2019 / Yahoo Finance

Starting July 9, 2019, Selectel Russia offers non-resident customers exclusive terms for its cloud and data center services. The new solution — full-stack IT infrastructure in compliance with Russian laws and regulations — will be based on already proven services which currently serve more than 15,000 Russian businesses. This solution includes a public cloud (Openstack), a private cloud (VMWare), cloud storage and CDN, dedicated servers, network and security solutions, and more. This solution is especially relevant to the current market changes as Russia is in the process of revising its local internet regulation policies. Industry experts predict that in just a few years it will be too complicated to serve Russian clients outside the country.  At the same time, those who are trying to build their own on-premise infrastructure in Russia to serve local clients can encounter major difficulties in overcoming the challenging local legislation and bureaucracy as well as a c...