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Revolutionary data concepts mean real business impact: software abstraction to HCI

January 22, 2019 / Techhq

Speak to any systems architect at the moment, and you’ll find his or her eyes shine with enthusiasm when virtualization is mentioned. And although here at TechHQ we cut the very technical types a great deal of slack, it’s a subject that’s difficult to explain to anyone who’s more motivated by the business bottom line than the concept of software abstraction. Virtualization in all its forms is an absorbing technology – and some aspects of it we consider below – but it’s also very exciting for enterprise managers who’ve never stepped inside a data center, purely for the business positives the tech can bring. In short, virtualization (or hyperconvergence or software abstraction or software-defined service) is a technology which places a layer between the end-user and the often highly-complex underlying technology that’s providing a service or application.