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Realize the Massive Potential of Your AI Infrastructure with Bright Computing and NVIDIA

July 03, 2019 / insideHPC

During ISC 2019, we met up with Bright Computing CEO, Bill Wagner and NVIDIA’s EMEA Head of AI Datacenter Solutions to discuss a revolutionary new solution for AI that features NVIDIA DGX servers managed by Bright Cluster Manager. Bright and NVIDIA have also composed a detailed white paper that highlights how NVIDIA DGX Servers managed by Bright Cluster Manager provide the enhanced technology and support for today’s most demanding AI workloads. This new solution delivers the perfect balance of increased concurrency for handling data science workloads, the massive compute requirements associated with those workloads, and the seamless management of all resources across the HPC cluster. With the NVIDIA/Bright Solution, HPC Users benefit from: Solid scale-up architecture for handling data-/compute-intensive workloads. Easy cluster setup and provisioning.