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Packet provides more oomph for IoT deployments at the network edge

December 18, 2018 / MIKE WHEATLEY

Bare-metal server infrastructure company Packet Hosting Inc. today said it’s forging a partnership with a networking company called Netronome Systems Inc. on a hardware platform designed to power cloud-native workloads at the network edge. Packet is an interesting startup that’s gaining attention with enterprises for its developer-friendly hosting service that provides highly customizable infrastructure for running bare-metal servers in the cloud. The company’s cloud for developers is currently available in 18 locations across the globe and can support up to 60,000 bare-metal installations each month. Essentially what the Packet does is automate data center hardware and networks, enabling developers to consume physical infrastructure at scale. Packet is also seeking to address a growing demand from developers and enterprises for more compute power close to the network edge. So-called “edge computing” refers to the idea of data produced by “internet o...