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OVH rebrands as OVHcloud, claims more than 70% of revenues are cloud-based

October 11, 2019 / cloud computing

OVH has announced it is changing its name to OVHcloud to mark the company’s 20th birthday – and double down on its ambitions.The move was announced at OVH's annual jamboree, renamed this year from #OVHSummit to #OVHcloudSummit.The company has long-held a goal to provide an alternative to the cloud hyperscalers for the European market. OVHcloud cites clarity as the primary reason for changing name: the company claims more than 70% of its revenue is ‘focused on cloud solutions.’ “By adopting the name OVHcloud, the group is aligning its identity with its business development strategy, in order to support its international growth,” the press materials note.
OVHcloud’s primary marketing is an acronym around the ‘smart’ cloud: any solution needs to be simple to implement, multi-local, accessible and predictable, reversible and open, and transparent. It is the reversibility – to ensure organisations avoid bill shock and ve...