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Oracle marks ‘major milestone’ in autonomous strategy as Ellison takes more swipes at AWS

August 08, 2018 / James Bourne

Oracle’s CTO and executive chairman Larry Ellison announced the launch of the company’s latest autonomous database service around transaction processing (ATP) last night – but a recent report around claims by Amazon also caught his eye. At an event in California, Ellison responded to a story, originally broken by CNBC, which claimed that Amazon was planning to move completely away from Oracle’s databases by 2020. Responding to an analyst question around customers moving off Oracle on the company’s Q218 earnings call back in December, Ellison said: “Let me tell you who’s not moving off of Oracle – a company you’ve heard of that gave us another $50 million this quarter. That company is Amazon. Our competitors, who have no reason to like us very much, continue to invest in and run their entire business on Oracle.”