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OpenStack Expands With New Projects, Canonical’s CEO Is Not Thrilled About It

November 13, 2018 / Linda Hardesty

For those who have been paying attention (and SDxCentral has been), the OpenStack Foundation has been expanding its scope beyond the basic compute, storage, and networking sub-projects of its cloud infrastructure software. Today at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin the group made it official, announcing that it will host new open source projects with a new governance framework. The OpenStack Foundation board approved the governance framework to incubate new pilot projects that are relevant to the open infrastructure community. As part of this new framework, the first four pilot projects are Kata Containers, Airship, Zuul, and StarlingX. All of these projects have been previously announced. According to Alan Clark, chairman of the OpenStack Foundation board, “The open infrastructure strategy and new governance framework reflect the voice of our users.” He said the new pilot projects make it easier for users to put OpenStack into production and integrate with other infrastructur...