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ONF Launches Open Convergence Initiative for 5G Deployments

February 14, 2019 / Matt Hamblen

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) launched an ambitious mobile and broadband convergence initiative designed to help service providers with 5G deployments. Dubbed the Converged Multi-Access and Core (COMAC), the initiative is focused on delivering services over both mobile and broadband networks while supporting subscriber management and maintaining a consistent service experience without regard to the access technology. One key element is COMAC’s ability to help carriers craft network slices by combining various access and core technologies. COMAC leverages both cloud and SDN concepts and is optimized for 5G deployments. Service providers will be able to disaggregate elements in their network architecture and dynamically place them where they best serve their needs. For example, access, edge, core, or public clouds can work together in a coordinated way with the components and applications deployed close to users at the network edge when required and centralized when practica...