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Nutanix Swings The Pendulum Towards Invisible Infrastructure

October 11, 2019 / Abigail Opiah

Data centres are transitioning into niche architectures including autonomous edge, and Nutanix’s strategy is heavily focused on frictionless infrastructure.The company’s .NEXT conference in Copenhagen this week saw the likes of around 4,500 people all eager to hear just how making infrastructure was even possible.Nutanix revealed that the key ingredient is automation with Nutanix’s CEO Dheeraj Pandey predicting that the next step in the sector is finding out what the asset-like version of cloud is that will make it 10 times larger.“It is going to come down to software because it has some really unique virtues,” said Pandey in press briefing in Copenhagen.
“One of its unique features is that it can seep anywhere – we are currently seeping Nutanix software into AWS, Azure Cloud and on all the locations like edge.