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NS1 Launches DDI for Modern Distributed Enterprise Application Infrastructure

May 22, 2019 / DEBORAH SCHALM

NS1, the leader in next generation DNS and application traffic management solutions, today announced its new Enterprise DDI solution. Designed for modern distributed application-centric computing infrastructure, NS1 Enterprise DDI reduces the friction and complexity of deploying and delivering applications across a diverse mix of multi-cloud, edge and on-premise environments. Legacy DDI appliances are not application-centric, creating challenges for teams delivering dynamic and distributed applications across complex multi- or hybrid-cloud environments, edge networks and microservices platforms. These outdated DDI appliances feature complex UI and workflows, expensive hardware, and outdated, poorly performing APIs. Slow, centralized IP management and DNS record propagation cause change control bottlenecks that can delay deployments by days or even weeks, impeding DevOps teams and modern continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) workflows. NS1 Enterprise DDI reduces the friction and c...