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Nokia Veers From Red Hat OpenStack With Latest CloudBand Update

November 16, 2018 / Dan Meyer

Nokia updated its CloudBand software platform with an in-house developed open source OpenStack platform that better supports containerized deployments for edge computing. The vendor had previously worked with Red Hat’s OpenStack platform for CloudBand. Nokia’s CloudBand software platform is an ETSI NFV management and orchestration (MANO) system that can be deployed on any combination of NFV infrastructure (NFVi), virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM), generic VNF manager, and NFV orchestrator. It allows an operator to host, orchestrate, automate, and manage VNFs and services. From a macro level, the latest update provides a single NFVi/VIM to support and manage virtual machine (VM) and containerized workloads. This includes the integration of Kubernetes to support the migration of those workloads from VMs to containers. Dan McBride, software marketing director at Nokia, said the update was a response to operators moving toward digitization using a cloud platform; the dep...