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Netshield adds intelligence to simplify infrastructure management

October 07, 2019 / WordPress

Netshield SA has integrated its range of intelligent handles into its Smart Zero U Power Distribution Units (PDUs) as well as added additional IoT features to its PDU units.This integration enables a customer to better track and monitor activity in a datacentre, while at the same time providing a client with the visibility and monitoring capabilities woven into its Smart PDUs.The addition of its handles is perfect for existing infrastructure where there is little to no control of a cabinet in a datacentre. The Netshield intelligent handles replace an existing handle and add RFID, biometric or keypad capabilities to the point of entry.When coupled with a Netshield Smart Zero U Power Distribution Units (PDUs), clients can now create a dashboard for full visibility into access control within the datacentre, alongside the environmental monitoring and management capabilities inherent on its PDUs.“Infrastructure management is one of the biggest challenges facing IT. While teams spend a...