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Mind the backup gap: Protecting born in the cloud data in Office 365

December 07, 2018 / Amy Hawthorne

Applications such as Exchange, Sharepoint and OneDrive are the oil that keeps the wheels of commerce turning. Adoption of Office 365 is growing at such a rate that even Microsoft has been taken by surprise. The company estimates that during FY2019 it will reach the point where two-thirds of its office business customers will have migrated to the software-as-a-service platform which, it says, is about a year ahead of expectations. Businesses are understandably looking for the agility and scalability of cloud-based applications, but in the rush to migrate for convenience and efficiency, the balance of responsibility for security and backup is also shifting and as such requires close examination. Organisations need to be aware that, while they can now rely on Microsoft to protect and guarantee availability for these mission-critical applications and underlying infrastructure instead of having to carry out that activity themselves, responsibility for protecting the sensitive company data t...