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Microsoft cites Azure and cloud strength for more strong financials – but it’s all about the long-term ethos

October 25, 2018 / Elizabeth O'Dowd

It would not have been beyond the realms of possibility for this publication to open its analysis of Microsoft’s Q119 results by simply providing a link to Q418 and leaving it at that. After all, Redmond’s message has barely changed. Whereas July’s headline was ‘Microsoft Cloud drives record fourth quarter results’, this time around it is ‘Microsoft Cloud strength powers record first quarter results.’ Microsoft issued its most recent financials last night with overall revenue at $29.1 billion (£22.6bn), down 3% from the previous quarter but a 19% increase on this time last year. As ever, specific Azure figures were not given, but Microsoft noted a 76% rise in revenue growth. Cloud revenues are based on two of Microsoft’s revenue buckets; productivity and business processes, primarily for software, which at $9.8bn for the quarter went up 19% year on year, while intelligent cloud, which focuses more on infrastructure including Azure, ...