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Microsoft acquires infrastructure visibility provider Movere

September 04, 2019 / MARIA DEUTSCHER

Just weeks after picking up application optimization specialist jClarity Ltd., Microsoft Corp. has made another strategic purchase to boost its cloud capabilities. The company today announced the acquisition of Movere Inc., a software provider based out of Bellevue, Washington that sells an infrastructure assessment platform. The product enables enterprises to take stock of their technology assets without sinking person-hours into a laborious manual review. These types of assessments serve an important purpose for infrastructure teams. Having an up-to-date view of the servers, applications and users in a corporate network allows administrators to find inefficiencies that would otherwise stay hidden. Operational visibility is also a basic requisite to maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture. More pertinently for Microsoft, enterprises perform infrastructure assessments as part of cloud migration projects to determine which workloads they should move off their on-premises hardware. Mo...