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Latin America Infrastructure as a Service Market Report 2019 Featuring AWS, Microsoft, IBM, & Google

May 30, 2019 / PR Newswire

Although the advent of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technology in Latin America lagged North America and some countries in Europe, the region has been quickly following and benefitting from the lessons learned from more mature cloud markets. In this report, we provide an overview of key market trends in the Latin America Infrastructure as a Service market, and plot leading service providers on the radar chart, based on in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis. In our market sizing, IaaS services have been included, defined as hosted, scalable data center infrastructure resources, available on-demand, usually without term or usage commitments, and charged via a pay-per-use model. IaaS comprises raw infrastructure, onto which users can build and deploy applications or workloads. The two most common types of IaaS are Computing as a Service and Storage as a Service.