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InterSystems exec on distributed, data-intensive, rapidly changing world of health IT

December 26, 2018 / Bill Siwicki

There are three primary factors driving health IT today: It is distributed, it is information-intensive, and it is changing rapidly, said Kathleen Aller, director of market strategy for healthcare at InterSystems. The vendor will be focusing on these and other health IT trends, including FHIR and AI, at HIMSS19 in February in Orlando.“The distributed nature of it means that patients are seeking care from all points of the healthcare ecosystem, and the data from these points of care – social, outpatient, inpatient, specialty clinics, etc. – have to be aggregated into a unified patient record,” Aller explained. Beyond human understanding Healthcare is more information-intensive than some other industries and growing more so – there already are far more data points available for care decisions than the human mind can process unaided, she said.