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Infrastructure Monitoring: Challenges and Best Practices

July 08, 2019 / Andy Patrizio

Infrastructure monitoring covers an array of uses and issues, from network optimization to diagnostics to intrusion detection. Infrastructure monitoring can tell you if a router is down, a server is running at an unusual utilization, and with the right security, it can also spot an intruder siphoning off company data. Infrastructure monitoring enables infrastructure management but the two are different. Infrastructure management is the remedial steps you take in response to the findings from your monitoring tools. Infrastructure monitoring in the constant checking of the various elements of your IT platform, from your in-house data center to your private cloud to your public cloud. With networks growing increasingly complex thanks to a growing range of devices – as well as the advent of the hybrid cloud – the importance of network integrity grows with it. You should have infrastructure monitoring even on a basic network inside a small business, but for complex systems of la...