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Infrapedia lets network and data professionals explore global internet infrastructure

August 22, 2019 / BestTechie

Some of the biggest news in the data, IOT and telecoms industry this week include affordable underwater data centers, expansion of submarine internet cables and the Merea line, details on the worlds’ fastest underwater data connection – and the free map service that provides a global view to key players in the industry. A data centre refers to a facility that put the information of an organization and the IT operations in one place. This central place serves to store, retrieve and distribute data as and when it is required. It also becomes the centre of managing the data stored. These kinds of centres are critical to the daily operations of a system as they create a link between critical systems of an organization. Microsoft’s idea of installing a data centre in the sea appears imaginary and grandiose. However, given the right effort and technology, it is bound to work. The project proponents state that the centre will be efficient in terms of energy usage in running ...