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IBM Brings Cloud Private Platform to Cloud Managed Services Offering

June 21, 2018 / Sean Michael Kerner

IBM's Kubernetes-based Cloud Private platform can now run on the company's Cloud Managed Services offering, providing enhanced capabilities. IBM announced on June 21 that is it expanding its cloud-native capabilities, enabling the Kubernetes-based IBM Cloud Private platform to run on the company's Cloud Managed Services offering. The new capability brings together IBM's recently launched Cloud Private platform with the managed CMS offering to help enterprises adopt container-based, cloud-native application models. "CMS is a managed infrastructure-as-a-service offering which is trusted by many large IBM customers due to its security and privacy features," Michael Elder, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor for the IBM Private Cloud Platform, told eWEEK. "IBM Cloud Private now enables Kubernetes-based clusters to run on top of CMS." IBM Cloud Private embeds many capabilities to support the adoption and operation of Kubernetes in the enterprise, including a built-in Image Registry and Helm Catalog, Elder added. Kubernetes is a popular open-source container orchestration system that was originally built by Google and is now widely deployed by enterprises as well as public cloud providers. IBM Cloud Private Not Based on OpenStack IBM Cloud Private was first announced in November 2017 as a hybrid cloud offering. While IBM had previously strongly advocated for using OpenStack-based technology for both private and public cloud deployments, Cloud Private is not based on OpenStack. Elder explained that IBM Cloud Private is a private cloud platform for developing and running workloads locally.