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Hyper-converged infrastructure benefits by reducing IT complexity

May 09, 2019 / Scott Sinclair

The rise of the data-driven economy is fundamentally altering the role of IT and its approach to modernizing the data center. Hyper-convergence is playing a central role in how IT is coping with this transition. Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research has found that, for IT decision-makers prioritizing data center modernization, the most commonly identified modernization activity is the deployment of converged and, in particular, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). As businesses discover new ways to use data to maximize its value, the job of the IT department has become more difficult. According to ESG surveys, 66% of IT decision-makers said IT is more complex than it was just two years ago. This rapid rise in IT complexity doesn't look like a short-term phenomenon either; it is a fundamental fact of conducting business in the modern, data-driven economy.