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Huawei Works With Arm, Not Intel, on New CPU

January 07, 2019 / Linda Hardesty

Huawei today announced a new CPU, called Kunpeng 920, based on Arm architecture. The new 64-core CPU along with Huawei’s new TaiShan server is designed to boost the development of computing in big data, distributed storage, and Arm-native applications. William Xu, director of the board and chief strategy marketing officer of Huawei, noted that Huawei had worked extensively with Intel. But he said a diversity of applications and data is driving varied computing requirements. “Huawei has long partnered with Intel to make great achievements,” said Xu in a statement. “Together we have contributed to the development of the ICT industry. Huawei and Intel will continue our long-term strategic partnerships and continue to innovate together.” Xu also indicated that Huawei would work with global partners to drive the development of the Arm ecosystem and “embrace a diversified computing era.”