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How should CIOs manage data at the edge?

November 13, 2018 / Ravi Naik

The ubiquity of popular buzzwords or phrases in the technology community brings a certain kind of pressure. If everyone seems to be talking about the importance and transformative potential of an exciting new technology, then as a CIO it’s only natural to want to dive straight in and explore its potential use cases as soon as possible. This is particularly true of businesses and edge computing. After all, edge implementation can deliver new experiences to the customer, help develop new products and open up new lines of revenue – why wouldn’t you want to get started as quickly as possible? However, while no-one wants to stand in the way of transformative new technologies, CIOs have to bring clarity and common sense to the conversation – particularly on how edge implementation will affect a business’s security portfolio. The CIO must take a unified approach to data management when it comes to storage, security, and accessibility, ensuring that security is part of the conversation from the start and is given the same amount of attention from the business as all the exciting edge use cases.