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How In-Memory Computing Will Power The Digital Enterprise In 2019

December 26, 2018 / Data economy

From Artificial Intelligence to In-Memory-Computing-as-a-Service, Organisations Will Leverage In-Memory Computing to Achieve New Levels of Real-Time Business Insight into Their Data Many companies still view IT technology as a tool to increase efficiency or revenue. Instead, viewing digital transformation or omnichannel customer engagement initiatives as an opportunity to reinvent their business models, transform their relationships with customers, and disrupt their industries may be more productive. They would also do well to understand that failing to embrace digital transformation could lead to their demise. Consider the Fortune 500. By 2017, just 12 percent of companies listed in the Fortune 500 in 1955 were still on the list – largely the result of digitally-driven tech startups transforming the competitive environment while the legacy Fortune 500 companies failed to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. In 2019, the digital transformation trend will only accelerate as co...