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How HyperQube is Cloning IT Infrastructure for Cisco, Forrester and the U.S. Government

May 23, 2019 / AmericanInno

So, you’ve got this fancy new cybersecurity technology. Before a virus or cyberattack comes along, how do you know if it works? Craig Stevenson grappled with the answer to that question while working at Raytheon. He found it effective to make a replica of the company’s network infrastructure, then hurl viruses at it and analyze the response. It worked, but it took weeks to set up just one clone, so the engineer set out on nights and weekends to find a faster solution. After two years of development, he finally created super-speed cloning software that eventually became HyperQube. In fall 2017, Stevenson and his tech were accepted into local cybersecurity accelerator Mach37 (he quit his Raytheon job a day before starting the cohort!), and he officially launched the startup in January 2018. Arlington-based HyperQube builds exact copies of a company’s IT infrastructure in minutes, allowing them to be modified, re-used and shared. Clients use it to unleash viruses and see...