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How DevOps professionals are struggling with the daily troubleshooting grind

February 04, 2019 / James Bourne

If your organisation is either focusing on DevOps or employs plenty of developers, make sure you keep an eye on their workloads – or face an exodus. That’s the primary finding from IT management software provider SolarWinds. In its latest report, which polled 336 DevOps, developer and web product manager professionals (WPMs) in the US and Canada, many workers across sectors are fed up with troubleshooting being the mainstay of their daily work. Troubleshooting remained the most disliked component of their roles, and respondents warned that if they had to continue doing it without any signs of job advancement, they would leave their current jobs. Almost half (48%) of those polled said troubleshooting app issues was one of their three most regular tasks, while this number went up (53%) for DevOps respondents who cited it as the most frequent task.