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Honor will launch its 5G smartphone in South Africa when the infrastructure is in place

July 11, 2019 / Andy Walker

Honor, while announcing the forthcoming availability of its budget 8S smartphone on Thursday, also silently revealed that it will be bringing its 5G smartphone to South Africa once conditions are ideal. “Although the tough external environment brought us some challenges, we managed the business continuity, and we will bring more products to the market soon, including high-end and budget-friendly phones,” said Raymond Liu, Honor’s South Africa CEO, in the statement. “Furthermore, we are aiming to become a pioneer in the 5G space in South Africa, and will be launching our first 5G smartphone in the country once the 5G network infrastructure is in place.” The latter part of this statement is key. 5G networks are not yet live in South Africa, but the likes of Rain previously announced that its 5G network will be running in both Johannesburg and Cape Town this year.