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Healthcare CIOs’ Power over IT Purchasing Decisions in Free Fall

November 27, 2018 / Fred Donovan

The power of healthcare CIOs over the IT purchasing decisions of their organizations has virtually evaporated, according to a newly released survey by Black Book Research. Three years ago, healthcare CIOs controlled 71 percent of IT purchasing decision, but that power has been in a free fall, plummeting to 8 percent of IT purchasing decisions this year, the survey of 247 CIOs and 1,305 non-IT C-level and senior management leaders found. That power has shifted primarily to line-of-business (LOB) management teams. “Traditionally, CIOs called the shots in IT purchasing after aligning with the department on its need, but digitalization is making a permanent change to the health systems IT purchase process,” said Black Book Managing Partner Doug Brown. “As healthcare organizations transform work processes through digitalization the department leaders involved must logically uphold the authority of those processes.”