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Green House Data to Complete Phase 3 Data Center Expansion in Cheyenne Facility

December 04, 2018 / CHEYENNE

Green House Data, a leader in platform-agnostic managed IT infrastructure solutions including cloud hosting, colocation, and disaster recovery, has announced it will complete the Phase 3 expansion of its Cheyenne, Wyoming data center and headquarters by adding two new data center floors for a combined 7,500 square feet of white space that will meet ongoing demand for cloud services and colocated equipment. “The market has responded overwhelmingly to our managed services,” said Green House Data CEO Shawn Mills. “Provisioning additional power and data center floors will allow us to expand our cloud platforms and managed offerings significantly, while simultaneously providing additional space and resilience for colocation customers.” The Cheyenne compute facility features a concurrently-maintainable design with at least N+1 redundancy for all power and cooling components alongside multilayered security measures. It is designed with energy efficiency in mind, using ...