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Google-Cisco Hybrid Cloud Offering Now Generally Available

September 10, 2018 / Jaikumar Vijayan

A hybrid cloud offering that Google launched last October in collaboration with Cisco is now generally available to customers of Google's cloud platform. The Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud is designed to give enterprises a way to develop, deploy manage and secure applications across both on-premises environments and on Google's Cloud Platform (GCP). Organizations can use the service to enable applications running in the cloud to access on-premises IT capabilities and applications running on-premises to take advantage of cloud infrastructure. Developers will be able to access cloud Application Programming Interfaces while cloud developers can access enterprise APIs and resources. The flexibility enables enterprises to migrate workloads to the cloud at their pace, said Eyal Manor, vice president of engineering at Google Cloud in a blog Sept. 7.  "Whether they’re cloud-ready or modernizing their infrastructure on-premises, many businesses can benefit from a well-supported path that lets them move to the cloud on their own terms," Manor said.