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Global E-learning IT Infrastructure Market Outlook, Opportunities, Key Players, Trends and Forecast by 2025

May 07, 2019 / Avanti Dengale

This report studies the global E-learning IT Infrastructure Market size, industry status and forecast, competition landscape and growth opportunity. This research report categorizes the global E-learning IT Infrastructure Market by companies, region, type and end-use industry. E-learning refers to learning using electronic media. It has been widely adopted by the education sector with increased popularity. E-learning is also referred to as computer-based learning (CBL), digital collaboration, Internet-based learning (IBL), virtual classrooms, and web-based learning (WBL). This form of learning is cost-effective and helps enhance the understanding of various subjects as well as the learning curves of the students. As a result, many educational institutions worldwide are replacing the traditional forms of teaching and learning with e-learning.