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Evers signs new 5G wireless infrastructure rules into law

July 10, 2019 / Nate BecK

Gov. Tony Evers on Wednesday signed a bill that advocates say could make it easier to build 5G wireless networks — a cutting-edge technology that has been slow to arrive in the state. The new law, called Act 15, establishes a uniform set of rules for installing so-called small-cell nodes, which 5G wireless networks rely on to operate. Advocates of 5G say the wireless networks can deliver the kinds of Internet speeds needed to run autonomous vehicles and other new technologies. Instead of large cell towers, 5G networks are often made up of small-cell nodes that are connected to each other by fiber optic cables and placed on traffic lights and other public property. Wireless companies say Wisconsin has largely missed out on 5G development because it has not adopted the sort of statewide network regulations that other states have. Among other things, the law Evers signed on Wednesday will cap how much municipalities can charge 5G developers to place small-cell nodes on public proper...