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ETF February Launches Target Cloud Computing

February 28, 2019 / Virtual machine

One of the biggest investment growth areas in recent years, has been specialist thematic ETFs. These low-cost funds aim to capitalise on investor appetite for new technology: be it artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, or renewable energy. This month BlackRock launched an ETF that specifically targets investments in the electric car market, which many are expecting to significant reshape the automative industry. Meanwhile First Trust Global Portfolio has launched its own ETF, this time following companies specialising in cloud computing. February also saw the announcements that two veteran fund managers would be stepping down, after 40 plus years in the industry. BlackRock has expanded its thematic ETF range, with a new product tracking the electric vehicle market. With a growing emphasis on sustainable transport solutions this invests in companies involved in the manufacture of electric cars, as well as technology companies that supply batteries and relevant component parts. ...