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Ericsson Touts 4 Cellular IoT Segments to Serve Industry Verticals

February 01, 2019 / Matt Hamblen

Ericsson outlined an evolutionary vision for cellular IoT to help service providers address future needs of industry verticals such as automotive, manufacturing, and utilities as they work to enhance 4G LTE networks and prep for 5G. Ericsson identified two market segments that it plans to address in coming years: broadband IoT and industrial automation IoT. Those two join a pair of existing segments that Ericsson has called massive IoT and critical IoT. Broadband IoT refers to mobile broadband capabilities of IoT where higher data rates and lower latencies are needed for use cases such as infotainment in cars, drones, and augmented reality/virtual reality. The focus on industrial automation IoT will address areas such as collaborative robotics. The broadband IoT technologies that Ericsson described include drone detection, link control, radio access network (RAN) slicing, advanced subscriber group handling, and multi-gigabit LTE.