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Edge Companies Launch Open Research Group, Publish Second Report

March 27, 2019 / sdxcentral

The state of data at the edge is … there’s a ton of data being generated, it needs to be secured and managed, and that requires orchestration and automation. This, according to the first topic-specific edge report published by Vapor IO, Packet, and Seagate Technology. The free report follows the inaugural “State of the Edge” report published last June. A group of vendors —Packet, Vapor IO, Rafay Systems, Ericsson UDN, and Arm — came together to work on the earlier report because they believed that vendor-neutral research on edge computing was sorely lacking. That initial report also included an open glossary of terms related to edge computing. “The glossary was one of the most popular pieces, and it was so popular that the Linux Foundation adopted it as a project,” said Vapor IO Chief Marketing Officer Matt Trifiro, who co-chaired the State of the Edge report.